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To qualify as a member of this Society, the applicant must be a male descendant of an individual who, as a military, naval or marine officer, soldier, sailor or marine, saw actual active service in that capacity under the authority of any of the thirteen (13) Colonies or States, or of the Continental Congress, and remained always loyal to such authority, or a male descendant of an individual who signed the Declaration of Independence, or of an individual who, as a member of the Continental Congress or of the Congress of any of the Thirteen (13) Colonies or States, or as an Official appointed by or under the authority of any such legislative bodies, actually assisted in the establishment of American Independence by services rendered during the War of the Revolution, becoming thereby liable to conviction of treason against the Government of Great Britain, but remained always loyal to the authority of the Colonies or States. To qualify for membership, such service must have been performed between April 19, 1775 and April 19, 1783.


An invitation to apply for membership falls within the purview of the Board of Directors of the Society. The Membership Committee is privileged to make qualified recommendations.

Once an invitation to membership is extended, the candidate is provided an application which he must complete detailing his direct descent from a qualifying ancestor who served in the American Revolution. It is important that each generation is fully and properly documented. The Society does not accept the lineage papers of other societies. Our Bylaws require that an application for membership be endorsed by two members of the Society.

Once completed, the application, along with copies of documentation supporting the detail on the form for each generation, is submitted to the Society with an accompanying check for applicable fees and membership. If it is found through competent genealogical research by the Society's Genealogist that such applicant had one or more ancestors who rendered appropriate service, then such applicant maybe elected to the applicable class of membership by majority vote of the Board of Directors at any regular or special meeting. No applicant will be qualified for membership without the approval of the Society's Genealogist.

If you would like information about joining the Sons of the Revolution in the State of California, we welcome your inquiry. Please note, however, that an applicant for admission to membership in the Society must be proposed by two (2) members in good standing to whom the applicant is personally well known.

Our Preliminary Application can be downloaded by clicking the link. Inquiries may be mailed to: Membership Committee, Sons of the Revolution, 600 South Central Ave., Glendale, CA 91204.

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