American Heritage Library and Museum


New shelving was added to three areas of the Library: the east wall where the painting of John C. Fremont hangs; an entire new bank of shelves on the main floor; and additional shelving along the south wall, totaling 476 lineal feet of new shelf space. This expansion is in addition to improvements completed in 2003 where the large room on the second floor was refurbished and converted to book stacks containing 560 linear feet of new shelving. Mark J. Denger was instrumental in the design and layout of the shelving and work area.

Thirty lineal feet of work surface was installed at the front of the library replacing old tables, increasing the amount of useable workspace for processing and repairs of books. A five-drawer map case was purchased to hold oversized maps, chart and posters, many of them rare. Two additional computer workstations were installed to provide additional accessibility to the library catalog.

New work area and display cabinets

New work and display cabinets near entrance of the Library.

Display cases near the Washington Parlor.

All of the tables located on the main floor have been refinished and glass tops installed to protect them.

On the first floor, each row of shelves on the main floor was lengthened and a entire new row added to provide additional shelf space.

An entire new row of shelving was added to the main floor.


View of some of the second floor book stacks.

Each row of shelves beyond the first row was lengthened by one 6-shelf unit to make room for an additional row of shelves at the rear of the main floor.

Each lengthened row provides six additional shelves which, combined with an entirely new row in the rear of the library, added a significant amount of additional shelf space which has already been filled with books.

Special UV protection film was added to the windows along the south wall to protect the collection. A donor is urgently needed to provide approximately $4,000 in funds to permit similar coating to be installed on the north and west walls.



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