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At the conclusion of the Revolutionary War, the United States began the practice that has undermined our Armed Forces for two centuries: Namely that of immediately reducing our forces to a bare minimum.

In the Fall of 1784, the United States had only eight companies of infantry and two of artillery.  When Shay's Rebellion broke out in 1785, the State of Massachusetts had to call out its militia and again in 1794, to quell the Whiskey Rebellion caused President Washington to call out 15,000 militia.  The defeat of General St. Clair by the Indians in 1791 also pointed out the weakness of our forces.  Gradually the Army was built up under General Wayne and the Indians were defeated at the Battle of Fallen Timbers.

The soldiers in our illustration wear uniforms very similar to those worn in the Revolution.  In December, 1782 it was directed that the dress for the Infantry be blue with red facings and white lining; and it is in this dress that we see the Officer of Infantry.  The Artillery continued to wear blue faced and lined with red; and again we find the Officer of Artillery still in these colors.  However the dress of the Dragoon was changed from blue to green after our friendship with France became somewhat strained during the conflict between France and England. 

The cut or style of the coats are different from the period of the American Revolution.  The most noticeable change was in the high collar as opposed to the low collar worn during the 1775 to 1781 period.

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Cavalry, Infantry and Artillery

Cavalry, Infantry and Artillery
[SOURCE: The American Revolution, 1775-1783. Paintings by Jean Leffel,  based upon illustrations of H. A. Ogden and Lt. Charles M. Lefferts.  Photolithos printed Zurich, Switzerland.  Historical descriptions by Harry W. Barker, Jr. ]

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