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Our plate depicts the uniforms of the Continental Navy from 1776-1777.

Standing on the far left, wearing a blue coat with red facing and vest, blue breeches with white stockings is a Lieutenant.

Second from the left, wearing a blue coat with red facing and vest, with gold trim, buttons and leggings; blue breeches and white stockings, is a Captain in the dress of 1776.

Shaking hands with the Captain of 1776 is a Captain wearing dress adopted in 1777.  He wears a blue coat with white facing trimmed in gold with gold buttons over gold-trimmed button holes; white vest with gold buttons and trim; and white breeches.

Observing the two Captains is a Midshipman of 1777, wearing a simple blue coat with blue facings bearing gold buttons; white vest, breeches and stockings.

Standing far right is an ordinary Seaman.

Continental Navy

Continental Navy

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