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There were many military units raised from those Americans who had remained loyal to the British Crown.  These included battalions of foot and of rangers, as well as mounted troops.  many of these men were used to strengthen the British garrison of New York City and the surrounding area, but large numbers of these men saw active service throughout the thirteen colonies.  Frequently, these units were raised by the wealthy loyalist landowners from their neighbors and tenants.  One example of such a person was Oliver De Lancey, who raised a brigade of three battalions from New York City, Kings County, Queens County, and Westchester County.  Beverly Robinson organized the Loyal American Regiment from Dutchess County, New York, and Cortland Skinner raised a brigade of six battalions from New Jersey.  Well-known former soldiers were also commissioned to raise battalions.  Robert Rogers, for example, was assigned to recruit the Queen's rangers.

The figures shown in red in our illustration represent De Lancey's brigade.  Their facings were of dark blue and had no lace.  The white metal buttons were arranged to indicate the number of the Battalion.  (The first had buttons evenly spaced, the second had buttons arranged in pairs, and the third had buttons grouped in threes.)  The men normally wore the white breeches or overalls, but for winter dress were issued brown overalls and leather caps as shown.  The second battalion served under Lieutenant-Colonel John Harris Cruger in his successful defense of Forth Ninety-Six during May and June of 1781.

Sir John Johnson also raised a unit known at first as the New York Regiment and its early green uniform is depicted here.  In 1778, the unit received the title of "The King's Royal Regiment of New York" and adopted the dress of red coats faced with blue prescribed for Royal Regiments.

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Privates and Officers of De Lancey's Brigade
Johnson's Royal Regiment of New York
1776 - 1783

DeLancey's Brigade and Johnson's Royal Regiment
[SOURCE: The American Revolution, 1775-1783. Paintings by Jean Leffel,  based upon illustrations of H. A. Ogden and Lt. Charles M. Lefferts.  Photolithos printed Zurich, Switzerland.  Historical descriptions by Harry W. Barker, Jr. ]

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